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Chef Rui Correia was born in Porto, Portugal, a coastal city on the banks of the Douro River. Rui was raised in restaurants working with his grandfather at his restaurant in Gaia, Portugal. This is where his interest in the culinary arts started brewing, but the passion didn’t hit him until he moved to America.

Rui first attended Concordia University on a soccer scholarship, within a years time he decided to follow his passion of cooking. He left Concordia to attend the New York Restaurant School, in New York City. His studies and talent led him to some of the best kitchens in New York. Rui went to work for Bobby Flay at Mesa Grill Restaurant, then to acclaimed restauranteur Danny Meyer at Union Square Cafe.

Rui returned home to Westchester, and joined Palmer's in Bronxville, New York as Executive Chef. Rui assisted in the opening of Palmer’s second restaurant in New York City called Washington Place, in the West Village. After traveling between both restaurants Rui decided to take the leap and open his own place, Cafe Porto.

Cafe Porto opened in 1999 and was located in Yonkers, New York, Rui brought a combination of his talent and what he learned years ago in Portugal with his grandfather. After five years of having Cafe Porto, Rui sold his business in 2004 to become the Executive Chef at Oporto Restaurant in Hartsdale, New York. During the five years Rui was at Oporto he always had dreams of getting back to his own kitchen and restaurant. In 2009 thats just what he did, in opening DOURO.